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TEDx Talk Ideas

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

TEDx TRU is back and this time we are here to challenge the old and shed light on newer perspectives. If you feel that you have an idea that is unique and empowering, here’s a chance for you to voice your story.

This year the theme is Acknowledge. Deconstruct. Empower.

Acknowledge, an idea with the power to create an impact. Deconstruct, and break down to the root of the matter. Empower, others with your idea to create the positive change.

Here are a few potential topics that would help our speakers to build their stories:

Disclaimer! Below are just a few ideas to tickle those grey cells. It’s not necessary for speakers to stick to these ideas as long as they are able to relate or align their stories to the theme of the event – ‘Acknowledge. Deconstruct. Empower’. The talks also need not cover the entire theme, the speaker may choose to talk about one or two aspects of the theme.

Building a Circular Economy – The most relevant of all ideas is one that preserves our future while taking care of our present. Single-use plastic and our addiction to convenience are our biggest pitfalls with only 9% of our waste being recycled. In today’s world, we wish to build communities and governments that embrace a circular economy. The problem of waste is bigger than us because most of our waste lands up in landfills or much worse in the oceans. The benefits of a circular economy vs a linear economy is tremendous. We have to be ambitious to try new things and share this idea with as many people as possible. Sustainability is the key to future empowerment.

The Power of Story Telling and the Secwepemc Nations – We can all agree that storytelling is the most efficient way of spreading an idea and has been the most important part of the Secwepemc Nations’ culture. But today, it is important to open up the narrative, to organize ideas, and lead the change. It is our priority to give power to the Secwepemc voice and change the course of the Columbia River discussions. The river has been of ecological interest such as of the Salmon. The one river approach and restoration of salmon to the Upper Columbia River is important for the cultural, social, and economic health of our people. Their story needs to be heard, needs to be acknowledged. The community needs to be empowered.

Impact of Tourism on Small Towns – Kamloops is a small city with less than 100,000 population. The idea is to explore the social and economic impact on the lives of the people. Tourism has a positive impact if the vision and goals are clear and regulations are set up to support and boost it. With the legalization of Cannabis and Kamloops being the first to have a legal store in British Columbia is of great significance. But for an economy to be sustainable throughout the year, we need to deconstruct the old norms and be creative and lean forward to adopt innovative strategies for the development of the community. In short, aiming for a sustainable economic growth should be our imperative.

Mental Health/ Mental Wellness:

We are constantly faced with difficult phases in our lives whether it’s drug addiction, sexual abuse, cultural barriers, societal pressures, or simply self-doubt that affect our mental health. Irrespective of how big or small the issue is we need to “acknowledge” the problem and work together to break mental health stigma. Mental health challenges are not isolated cases; we are all impacted in some way or another throughout our lives.

Speakers on this topic will share stories about the prevalence of mental health challenges in our community and the impact of feeling isolated and alone. The idea is to leave our TEDx participants with the means and tools necessary to reflect and reconnect with themselves, their resiliency and each other. We will look for relevant speakers within our community that empower our audience to empathize, create compassionate support systems, and embrace healing by fostering feelings of hope and resiliency.

So, what are you waiting for? If you relate to what you read or have a similar ideas to share then put on those thinking caps and tell us your story!