• TEDx TRU

Want to be a TEDx TRU speaker?

Have an idea you wish to spread, or a story that would Acknowledge, Deconstruct and Empower? Then come be a speaker at Tedx TRU 2019!

Wondering how to be a speaker at TEDx TRU? We have answers to all your queries here:

Where can I apply?

You can submit your own application on this link. You can also share the link with someone you know, who you think will be a good speaker for TEDx TRU 2019.

Do I have to be a professional speaker or an influential person to apply?

No, you don’t have to be. We are looking for people who have a unique idea and can present their field or idea in a new light, a perspective to which the global TED community may not have access to.

When will you stop taking applications?

Early February. So, apply now!

What is the theme of the event?

‘Acknowledge. Deconstruct. Empower’. You can get more details about the theme here.

What kind of ideas are you looking for?

We are open to all kinds of idea as long as they are unique and related to the theme of event. The topic of the talks can be based on new social projects, simplifying philosophical arguments or complex theories, presenting artistic approach on things, cultural analysis, new historical perspectives, etc. The possibilities are endless. Also, note that the topic should not be a copy of any TED talk you like. ‘Uniqueness’ is the keyword. So, if you are struggling to find an idea and need some direction, read this article.

Are there any big no-nos to be aware of while forming the content?

Yes, there are. They are as follows:

  • No selling from the stage

  • No political agendas

  • No religious proselytizing (including new age beliefs)

Read more about this here.

What are the selection criteria for the speaker?

Uniqueness of the idea, relevance to this year’s theme, relatable to the local or global community, and skill of the speaker.

What is the duration of the talk? Can I get a more time?

TEDx strictly enforces the clock for all speakers. As a TEDx speaker you have to condense your ideas into a compelling 15 to 18 minute talk that communicates your best story!

Are TEDx speakers paid?

TEDx does not pay its speakers. It’s a voluntary activity that allows speakers to reach out to a global TED community.

Who is the audience and how may people will attend the event?

This event is open to students and community members. We expect to have 100 attendees.

If at all you have any other questions, please email us on