• TEDx TRU

Why do Platforms like TEDx matter?

In an era where there is an overload of information on the internet, ideas tend to get lost in the mass. We spend our time in classes, learning theories, concepts, principles, ideas, and opinions from famous people and along the way, we form our own perceptions of things and we sometimes want to share those ideas. Perhaps, we just want to see the world not through our books but instead through somebody else’s eyes.

TEDx TRU is giving students and common people like you and me a voice. A voice to express ourselves and be the node trigger of a social change and spark the debate.

TEDx is the platform that acknowledges that everybody has an idea, a thought that they’d like to share but that is too often left unheard. We all have in us, this drive, this desire to change the world. Maybe, we do not have the means to do it but we can start one small step at a time.

Sometimes, all it takes is a word, a sentence to change somebody’s life and it all starts by giving people the opportunity to say these words loud enough to impact on someone and encourage them to try harder and be better.

As time evolves, things change - beliefs, values, perceptions, laws, and opinions - they all change. And with change often comes obsolescence. But not all ideas need to be discarded or abandoned because they are outdated. One may have interesting insights about how the “old” can be applied to the “new”. TEDx prompts us, the new generation with innovative and original ideas to deconstruct the past, learn from it and adapt it to our actuality. And where else to share your reflections than in front of a like-minded audience?

Most importantly, TEDx is about empowering people; the less heard, the minorities, the marginalized, the quiet ones. Sometimes, they are the ones who have the most inspiring stories to relate based on their journeys, their experiences, the life lessons they’ve learned and these people, they can teach us a lot. Now, we, TEDx TRU want to empower you, students from all corners of the world and also you, people from Kamloops and anywhere in Canada to share your stories, to make your voices heard, to stand up for what you believe in, and be open to learning from each other.

So, why does TEDx matter? Well, it matters because you do. Your opinions, your ideas, your stories, they matter to us and you matter you. Hopefully, this year’s event will be as great as last year’s. We grew through our truths, but it didn’t stop there. It’s time to Acknowledge, Deconstruct and Empower. We’re sure you have a lot to say and if not, perhaps you still have a lot to win. The more we know, the wiser we grow.